During the past four years, I have been actively involved in the business development of Devoteam Middle East  a start-up (Red Tech Consulting), and BearingPoint, consulting firms specialized in telecommunications. As a consultant, I’m interesting into problem-solving, personal impact, achieving and leadership. I built on my specialized skills and also broadened my opportunities.

My responsibilities included team-work activities such as the analysis of telecom markets within the gulf countries, the benchmark of worldwide digital content initiatives and the definition of an educational network for Saudi universities. In addition, I have been in charge of performing presentations to prestigious customers in Middle East, mostly Government agencies, but also private companies and Telecom operators.

My assignments also covered pre-sales efforts, with the development of proposals (e. g. e-learning assessment in Saudi Arabia) and the definition of RFPs (e. g.National Arabic Digital Content Strategy).I have been working with an international team (MBAs from Harvard, Stanford & MIT) which enriched my working methodologies. The cultural diversity in which I was involved the past 4 years, firstly as a student, then as a Consultant is a major asset.

In fact, this experience, combined with my formal education at The National Institute of Telecommunication (French business school) and Michigan State University, shall prove to be a major asset.

Beside work, I kept on playing tennis at a regional level and enjoyed travelling. Tennis is a passion I have been practicing since I was 9. Many years later I always take pleasure in training with my friends and my team.