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Welcome to Antoine Singer’s Website

PMP® Certified

Business consultant in Telecom and Media, I have been actively involved in the Development of Devoteam Middle East and then Red Tech, consulting firms specialized in telecommunications. I joined BearingPoint as a Business Consultant in Telecom & Media in Paris in January 2011.

My responsibilities included activities such as the analysis of telecom markets within the gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain), the design of a business model for a telecom utility, and the definition of an educational network for Saudi universities.

In addition, I have been in charge of performing presentations to prestigious customers in Saudi Arabia, such as the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Higher Education, the National Center for e-learning and distance learning, and the Telecom Regulator.

Skill Set

Strategic and operational projects, combined with my formal education at Télécom École de Management and Michigan State University, shall prove to be a major asset.

International Experience

I have been working with an international team, among them MBAs from Harvard, Stanford & MIT, which enriched my working methodologies. The cultural diversity in which I was involved the past 4 years will also be a major asset for my carreer.